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Why to get EIFA-Franchise???

At EIFA we strongly believe in doing business at equivalent level. We assume our franchise as our Business Partner. Growing business of our franchise is our prime motto, because if franchise will grow, we will automatically grow. We are giving regular guidance & trainings to our franchise partners in all arenas. Also we believe that our franchise partners are better judge in their respective locations due to which, we prefer to get feedback from our franchise partners on regular basis.

Support provided by us are as under:-

Study Material
We provide Practical oriented Study material, which is actually desirable for better quality of training. Our Study Material is based on actual case studies which is regularly updated by our experts. Our prime purpose is maintaining the same level of quality at all our centres across the country and provide best possible service to the students.

Training to employees & trainers
We regularly update trainers with the latest amendments, we provide training to employees on starting of new course & provide training to new employee on changing of employees. We regularly keep on providing training to employees for quality education. We also, provide Special recorded lectures of highly experienced professionals for better understanding of concepts.

Marketing support
We provide guidance about the possible ways of marketing by providing training to your executives. We provide leads of different types which helps to identify undiscovered opportunities. We also support for Consolidated Marketing by delivering interactive seminars in Schools/Colleges of your locality.

Placement Support
Institute has a dedicated Placement cell which is continuously making tie ups with various organizations. We provide placement support by sending details of job interviews in various organizations in their own city or nearby. We also provide support for Tie up in your area & help in placement of students.

To enquire for Franchise you must fill the following information.
For more support you may whatsapp @ 9217006767

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