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“It is unbelieveable to see such a proficiency of practical knowledge in a fresher candidates, which I have seen in their students. I really appreciate the efforts of EIFA-Eduhome Institute.”

Shivani Sharma
(Director, M/s. Woolways India Limited)

“Trained fresher employees are provided by the EIFA-Eduhome institute, which reduces the efforts of guiding a fresher and helps in smooth functioning of the organization immediately after the appointment.”

Ashok Makkar
(Director, M/s. Maharaja Cotspin Limited)

“It is very difficult to get a trained fresher employee, but thanks to EIFA-Eduhome Institute Which Made it so easy  for me.”

Mr.Varinder Kumar Bhatia
(Managing Director, M/s. Woolrich Woollen Mills)

“I appointed Pooja Sharma as an accountant who was referred by the EIFA-Eduhome. We gave her job specific trainings and she picked up the processes and the tasks in short time span. She is hardworking and committed to her job and I’m thankful to the institute for providing me such a good candidate.”

Mr.Sumit Gupta
(Director, M/s. Eximius Ventures)

“I am thankful to EIFA-Eduhome Institute for providing me  trained candidates. Whenever I need an employee for Accounting EIFA-Eduhome Institute is my one and only destination for getting trained  fresher employees.”

CA Sanjeev Gupta
Patner, M/s.Sanjeev Jiwan Gupta & Co.)

“EIFA-Euhome Institute provides me candidates whenever desired by me. The candidates provided to me are trained by experts, which gets reflected in the actual working performance.”

CA Harish Aneja
(Sr.Partner M/s. HK Aneja & Co.)

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