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Certified SAP Expert


The SAP ERP and Finance software is a financial accounting and reporting software. It handles transactions, prepares reports on a monthly and financial basis. The software is a great revolution in the accounting world that enables companies of all sizes to properly manage their accounting and financial tasks.

SAP accounting software helps users in:

  • Taking Cashflow Control

  • Streamlining Accounting

  • Attaining Business Insight


Theoretical Session

  • SAP Introduction

  • SAP Types

  • ASAP Methodology

Practical Session

  • Company Definition

  • Business Area

  • Controlling Area

  • Assigning Company Code

  • Maintaining Fiscal Year variant

  • Defining Posting Period variant

  • Maintaining Open/Close Periods

  • Field Status

  • Document Types

  • Posting Keys

  • Defining number ranges

General Ledger

  • Chart Account Defining

  • Assigning Company Code

  • Define retain earning accounts

  • Create, change, block and delete G/L master

  • Setting foreign currency

  • Cash journal

  • Setting up cash journal account

  • Document type for cash journal

  • Number range for cash journal

  • Setup cash journal transaction

  • Cash journal and posting

Account Payable

  • Vendor Group

  • Creating and assigning number ranges for vendor account group

  • Define tolerance groups

  • Create, modify vendor data

  • Blocking, unblocking vendor

  • Post credit memo

  • Vendor accounts

  • Payment terms

  • Vendor down payment

  • Automatic payment program

  • Check withholding tax codes


Account Receivable

  • Customer Account Groups

  • Create and Assign Number of account groups

  • Tolerance groups

  • Customer accounts

  • Post customer invoice

  • Post crediting

  • Bill of Exchange

  • GST on sales/purchases


Asset Accounting

  • Depreciation Reference Chart

  • Assignment of Chart of Depreciation

  • Specifying Account Determination

  • Defining number range intervals

  • Specifying document type

  • Defining depreciation

  • Creating asset master records

  • Asset purchases


Bill of Exchange

  • Posting Bill of exchange

  • Presenting bill of exchange

  • Bill of exchange discount



  • Creating TDS for vendors

  • Vendor invoice

  • TDS calculation


Creating G/L Accounts

  • Creating new G/L account

  • Configuring multiple ledger

  • Document splitting

  • Configuring leading and non-leading ledger


Controlling Module

  • Creating Primary Cost Creation

  • Editing Primary Cost

  • Generating Batch Input Session

  • Creating cost element

  • Displaying cost element


Cost Center Accounting

  • Cost Center accounting

  • Creation of cost accounting


  • Making reports on customers, assets and vendors.

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